Noheji-Nishi High School

Hachinohe Gakuin Noheji-Nishi High School

Kosei Gakuin Noheji-Nishi High School

Our school is a general high school that selects special subjects from a wide field according to student ability, aptitude and career desires. You can select subjects from the special 3-tier, 5-course approach. In addition, we have opened a sports elective as a school subject, and we also focus on sports for those aiming for a two-pronged approach. In addition, following the collaboration agreement between Kosei High School and the Filipino Language School CNE 1 in January, 2018, the Hachinohe Gakuin Cartel High School was opened in June, making short-term study possible in order to practice global education.

   In order to improve and improve each individual such as academic, sports, etc., we are developing classes according to students’ needs and support students’ advancement. In addition, we offer fundamental commercial and information subjects useful for business, aim to upgrade individual skills, and develop strong students in employment and real world society.

   Child Care and Welfare studies for students aim at kindergarten teachers and caretakers.Special courses are offered to learn the fundamentals of social welfare for students aiming for jobs related to early childhood care and welfare.

   We also offer subjects related to industrial technology, automobiles, electricity and construction. You will learn the knowledge and skills related to the qualifications of 3rd grade mechanic and electrical engineer and architect.

   From any route, matriculating to Hachinohe Gakuin University or Hachinohe Gakuin University Junior College Department is made easy.



51-6 Biwano, Noheji, Kamikita, Aomori 039-3156 JAPAN