Junior College

Hachinohe Gakuin Junior College

Hachinohe Junior College

The university has two departments, Infant Care and Childcare and Nursing Care and Welfare, which provide the best environment for students to realize their dreams for the future and support them to the best of their ability. In order to develop into professionals in two years, both departments offer practical training from the first year, deepening learning through a cycle of on-campus study and on-the-job experience and cultivating solid practical skills.

The Department of Early Childhood Care and Education aims to nurture childcare professionals who “nurture people to nurture people.” In addition to practical learning about environmental composition that promotes children’s development, the department focuses on practical skills centered on “sound, drawing, and body” to broaden the scope of the human development. To this end,

the department is active in presentation activities and events both on and off campus, and has many opportunities to interact with kindergarten students within the corporation through these activities.


In the Department of Nursing Care Welfare, students deepen their comprehensive study of nursing care welfare, including related fields such as medical care, and engage in research exercises to cultivate their ability to think critically. As a training institution for caregivers, we will also promote initiatives to build the future of the community by widely accepting not only young people but also those who study caregiving welfare as a second career, and by providing recurrent education to improve the quality of caregiving.


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