Kosei High School

Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei High School

Kosei Gakuin High School

Kosei Senior High School’s aims to establish the “Kosei brand” loved by many people and chosen by the local community and students, under the educational policy of “We will nurture human resources who can respond to the diversifying and globalizing needs of the times and meet the expectations of society! as the school’s educational policy, and aims to establish the “Kosei Brand” that is loved by many people and chosen by the community and students.


The General Education Department offers the “Special Preparatory Course,” which prepares students to enter national and public universities, difficult-to-enter private universities, and medical universities and junior colleges; the “Preparatory Course (liberal arts, science, IT business, international studies),” which deepens students’ broad knowledge and education in order to enter advanced schools such as Hachinohe Gakuin University and other affiliated schools and to find employment as civil servants; the “Integrated Study Course,” which balances academic work and sports and challenges students to acquire qualifications; and the “Sports Science Course,” which not only improves students’ competitive ability in sports but also provides them with the fundamentals necessary for future sports-related careers, such as sports theory, mental health, and nutrition. The “Sports Science Course” provides students with the fundamentals necessary for future careers in sports, including sports theory, mental training, and nutrition, as well as the ability to improve athletic performance in sports.

The Sports Science Course aims to improve the competitive power of athletes by learning theory, mental training, sports nutrition as well as the basics necessary to enter sports and related occupations in the future.


Indispensable to modern culture is the Childcare Course and Welfare Course which trains students to be experts in fields such as a kindergarten teacher, childcare providers and care workers in childcare welfare departments.


Kosei Senior High School is “a high school-oriented towards the future”. We prepare a variety of curricula to realize your dreams. The school actively educates students by way of this varied curricula with school events to nurture innate potential, and ‘active learning’ style classes to course for utilizing ICT, creating the most suitable learning environment possible for this increasingly changing society.


6-14-5 Minatotakadai, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-8507 JAPAN