Regional Collaboration Research Center

Hachinohe Gakuin Regional Collaboration Research Center

Research of Hachinohe University and Hachinohe Junior College

In partnership with both the university and junior college, the Community Cooperation Research Center is helping to “recreate a new Hachinohe”. We have joined a thinktank in conjunction with Hachinohe City, Hachinohe Institute of Technology and Hachinohe Technical College. Various fieldwork projects as well as a lecture forums contribute to this goal.
 Our slogan is, “100 people onto entrepreneurship in Aomori in 10 years” To achieve this goal, Mr. Otani from the Center serve as lecturer.
We are firmly committed to the goal of creating strong relationships with area high schools, community self-governance (Hachinohe City, Hashikami Town, Shingo Village, Gonohe Town, Nanbu Town and Sannohe City) as well as various businesses, hoping to strengthen the network between industry and the academic world, through government-industrial-education networking, creative communities and training.


13-98 Mihono, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-8588 JAPAN