Hachinohe Gakuin Kindergarten

Hachinohe Gakuin Kindergarten

Hachinohe Junior College Affiliate Kindergarten

Hachinohe Gakuin Kindergarten aims to nurture “bright and energetic children,” “children with rich hearts,” and “children who can think for themselves,” and is developing educational activities in cooperation with Hachinohe Gakuin University, Hachinohe Gakuin Junior College, and Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei Senior High School.


As a “certified kindergarten for children and their parents,” we strive to be a “warm and friendly kindergarten” for all children and their parents, and to provide careful and individualized education and care for each child. We have established a curriculum with specific goals for children’s development by the end of their early childhood, and carefully monitor their individual growth in a fulfilling environment that will lead to their transition to elementary school.


6-14-5 Minatotakadai, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-8507 JAPAN