Junior College

Hachinohe Junior CollegeThe Junior College is comprised of three departments; the Early Childhood Education Department, the Life Design Department, and the Nursing Department. To help students realize their dreams for the future, we provide an optimal learning environment with maximum support.The Department of Early Childhood Education trains students to be childcare professionals, our motto being, “People raising people” From the first year, our students participate in various practical sessions for learning on location at education facilities. Focus on voice, drawing, and the body gives the program its unique ability to strengthen our students’ skills. In two years, students will gain a wide view of how to teach another person as well as looking within and learning from themselves and others.
The Life Design Department was initiated with the practical intention of preparing students for various licenses and certificates in three courses composed of six programs: “Social Welfare and Health”, “Food and Tourism”, “Business Skills” to help students succeed after graduation. Students will learn the manners and culture necessary to help them in their total lives. Supporting each student’s desire to be a leader in their respective fields, assistance with professional licenses, extra-curricular classes, and career guidance are all top priorities.
The Nursing Department was moved to Hachinohe Gakuin University’s Health Care Faculty in April of 2016.




13-384 Mihono, Hachinohe, Aomori 031-0844 JAPAN